Mister Jack On New Year Resolutions
So rather than boring you by going into details about my own new years resolutions, I thought I’d talk briefly about how I’m going to keep them, hopefully it might help you in keeping yours. Effectively I am going to follow the method(s) I’ve used before to be successful at something and that is simply hard work and perseverance.
What goes through my mind when i’m going through a phase of procrastination is: No one else will do it for me so I better work hard at it myself.

I talked about this briefly about this hard work ethic in a guest blog post I wrote for Smarta Business.

So back on topic, I will be making achievable monthly goals and working hard to achieve them.

I have made resolutions in my:

-Personal Life
-Music Career
-Business Career (yes I am in business too don’t ya know) I WILL ACHIEVE THEM.

I don’t wanna bore you no more with this rubbish, so I will love you and leave you and I wish you all the luck with your resolutions and goals for 2012.

Mister Jack

On his iPod playlist Mister Jack has been listening to some good ol’ punk rock from the female fronted Vice Squad.


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