The Auction House ft. Kate Marlais – All Alone On Christmas

This year we did a Christmas record with Channel 4 TV Show The Auction House and the vocal talents of…

Baby's First Day Out

It’s the baby’s first day out, Jack and Kitty take little Jackson for a wonder down the river Thames on his first day out. They take him for a ride on Hammerton’s Ferry and they see some horses. Let’s see what else they get up to on the baby’s first day out.

Baby Hiccups!

Mister Jack & Kitty’s son Jackson has baby hiccups! Enjoy!

A Baby Is Born!

Jack and Kitty venture to Twickenham for a ride on the ferry over to Ham, after a little jaunt to Petersham nurseries, Jack and Kitty discover that her waters break and must rush to hospital because today, a baby is born!

Baby Jackson One Week Later

Baby Jackson is now 1 week old and he’s come a long way. He’s ready to start playing guitar.

Jackson Is Born

Kitty’s waistline has finally shown itself, baby¬†Jackson is here. Born 19th June 2015 at 14:55 at Queen Mary’s Maternity Ward, West Middlesex Hospital.


Elmo Loving at My Baby and Me Event
Baby On Board at Richmond Farmers Market

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