Brownie Baldwin Joins Mister Jack as Official Special Blogging Assistant to the Band

Alright alright alright


I got bad news for you lot because they put me Brownie Baldwin in charge of the Mister Jack blog, didn’t they.


Bloody hell, I says, I’m just here to play the triangle ain’t I? Used to play with Stabs see, used to cut it something fierce. Menacing lot we were, Tiddly, Bunker, Jonesy, Oink – What about The Mallets you ever see them play? Well I dated the Drummer’s sister and all, didn’t I.


Well I was dead keen to get withMister Jack right, the kid is like the second coming, I tell ya, and I’m dead keen to y’know, put my oar in, do my bit like see.


And I says to Jack like, how I see me self fittin in in the band line up, like, and he says to me since I got such a big gob and all, I ought bloody be writin like the proper, official mister jack blog, y’know like documentin like, the rise, if you will, of Mister Jack.


You see Mister Jack, is the real thing right, original rudeboy rocker to be sure, he’s not about to sit about writing the Great American Novel on a blog or whatever like he’s flippin Tolstoy is he now, he’s a busy lad now isn’t he? It’s like the punk days innit, what kind of noddy sits round writing a blog when . . . well anyway I figured well this blogging lark could easily see me moving into a songwriting capacity within the band y’know what I mean – Like showin my literary flair and what have you, and then that leading, so to speak sort of y’know seguing if you will into, perhaps parlaying my good self in to a more probable position within the final y’know Mister Jack line up.

So now as I’ve been given this super important task, it’s up to me to like, make everything real “compelling” like, that’s what the geezer from the record label says, I got to make it all exciting like, so while the bands busy rehearsing and recording and all, I’m keeping the fans up to date with all the latest and that’s where I’m contributing like in that position as a integral part of like the whole structure of the thing. Or something.



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