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The Auction House ft. Kate Marlais – All Alone On Christmas

This year we did a Christmas record with Channel 4 TV Show The Auction House and the vocal talents of…

Vlogmas Day 13 – Christmas TV and Andre Rieu's Ego

Mister Jack does vlogmas 2014, today Mister Jack had a relaxed afternoon in front of the telly watching a little bit of Christmas TV and watching Andre Rieu caress his own ego. Join him for a bit.

Vlogmas Day 12 – Hot Girl Shakes Ass In Kitchen

Mister Jack does vlogmas 2014, today Mister Jack goes to Chiswick high road and Wholefoods for a bit of food shopping while Kitty shakes her ass in the kitchen. Enjoy.

Vlogmas Day 11 – Christmas Shopping In Harrods

Mister Jack does vlogmas 2014, today Mister Jack and friends decided to go Christmas shopping in London’s primary shopping location Harrods. Let’s see what they get up to.


@MisterJackBlog with his mate Santa and #frostythesnowman

Ancestry Are So Helpful

Wow, aren’t helpful, after visiting they want to redirect¬†me back to there website because I can find the same great content at
Even after telling me how great is and offer to take me there directly to, they kindly give me the option to continue to my original destination
Just incredible, they’ve got some talented programmers over there…


Monkey Business At London Zoo

So, I went on a little venture to London Zoo and got up to some monkey business.
No words can explain…


Mister Jack gets a naughty massage in Harrods #massage @Harrods

DEEP SEA DIVING WITH SHARKS!! at The London Sealife Aquarium
Shark Tank at Sealife

So, on April 14th I decided to go on an afternoon jaunt to The London Sealife¬†Aquarium, and it went a little something like this…
You begun the journey walking directly over a tank full of sharks, there was two panes of reinforced perspex between so no chance of becoming lunch and you then venture through some boring little tanks until you finally get to the long tunnel.

I tell you what instead of talking you through it, I’ll show you exactly what it was like right here. Watch the video below for a little bit of first hand experience of DEEP SEA […]

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