Did I Let The Right One In…
let the right one in photo

So, on April 8th I went to see Let The Right One In at The Apollo in London, yes…the theatre where the roof fell in. Was I frightened that it would fall down again? Nah, I’m invincible 😛

I’m not used to going to the Theatre but a lot more effort had been put into the set, the lighting and performance than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise. When it was announced to me I was going to see Let The Right One In, i did try to read the book before seeing the production, but at my reading pace that was never going to happen.

The production was atmospheric and certainly succeeded in creating the atmosphere necessary for suspense and fear. If you’re into vampires then I’d recommend you go see this post haste and then follow up with the film of the same name, if you don’t like subtitles there is an American version of the film called “Let Me In” which I had seen but I don’t think I was paying attention.

WARNING: This production is not for the Twilight generation…

Right, well I will leave you to the trailer below while I go read the book.


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