How Does "MY" Garden Grow?

A little something like this…several weeks ago you saw me digging in the Mister Jack Tv video Expert Gardener At Work. It’s time to show you the fruits of my labour, as it were.

After a few days of back breaking work digging up & tilling the soil, this was the result of all that hardwork:


The little plants in the centre are little strawberry plants from last year.

Just a few short weeks later, after planting Broad Beans, Peas and King Edward Potatoes, this was the result just before I did a little bit of weeding:


I constructed these sticks for the peas to grow on, this took a while:


On the far left we have Beans, at the back we have Peas, the King Edwards Potatoes and the Onions are under the tunnel to stop the birds picking them.

The following pictures show what occurred in the weeks that followed.

Exhibit 1.


Exhibit 2.


Exhibit 3.


Exhibit 4.



Stay tuned for some more updates, soon. Including news on what I’ve been growing inside green house.

Right now, however. I’ve got too make like a tree and leave.


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