Laurel Aitken The God Father Of Ska (The Story So Far)

Laurel Aitken - The Story So FarThe Story So Far a collection of some of the biggest Ska hits from the legendary Laurel Aitken (RIP). The Story So Far (Not to be confused with the [Spunge] album of the same name) did not make it’s way into my CD rack because of it’s Rhythm and Blues overtones oh no,  for those of you who don’t know Laurel Aitken is the Godfather of Ska and the chances of finding a CD of the King Of Ska is slim, so I snapped up the chance of grabbing this fine CD.

The fact is this CD contains some of my favorite Laurel Aitken numbers including the infamous Sally Brown, possibly one of my favorite Ska numbers of all time! Now listening to 7 inch singles becomes a drag after a while because lifes not so simple when you have to change the disc after every track, don’t know how you disc jockeys stomach it? So I had to have this CD and so should you!

Setting the mood for this album is the Reggae track Roll Jordan Roll with a laid back reggae vibe I couldn’t think of a better way to open this album, can you?

The tracks that undoubtedly standout on the album is:

The cool swagger of Bartender with it’s smooth groove flowing through the track paying homage to the bartender saying “Hey Bartender, I said Hey Bartender, I say Hey Bartender, not 1, not 2 not 3, 4 bottles of beer”

“Rudi Got Married” a product of one of Laurel Aitken’s King Of Ska days, where a “Rudi Got Married in a 3 piece suit and a two tone boot, in a pork pie hat” this is just how imagine myself getting married, this track then leads into a wonderful Sax solo.

“Baby, I’m Mad about you Baby” This is the chorus that opens Mad About You, another skank-a-long with an awesome percussion fill with every other offbeat, this has got to be heard to understand where I’m coming from with this one Baby 😉

Bad Minded Women, another standout track on this album opens with that piano skank rhythm, telling that Bad Minded Woman to “Go Home” as all she does is talk and shout.

Now let’s not forget that track I love so much, Let me tell you about that girl that girl that everyones chatting about “Sally Brown, she’s a slick chick” now “Sally Brown is the girl in town and she don’t mess around”  this song has that infectious ska beat you just can’t help skank too, you should see me go mad on that dance floor folks. Let me warn you guys “If you mess around with Sally…She hit’s you…with a cukumaka stick” you’ve been warned.

Is Laurel Aitken the King Of Ska? Now I think so, but what do you think?

Now I’m gonna love you and leave you with this live performence of that infamous Ska track Sally Brown



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