Music Success In Nine Weeks – Week Eight

music success in nine weeksWeek Eight already? Music Success In Nine Weeks has sure shot by as fast as Linford Christie. apologies if you don’t know who he is, get on wikipedia!!!

Real Live Networking is the name of the game this week, so get out their and network monami! I’ve learned quite a bit from Music Success In Nine Weeks and brushed up a few skills that were a little rusty but networking, well that’s something that can always be improved on even the most social of socialites can brush up on their networking skills.

Sometimes you forget social etiquette so networking is a skill that needs to be honed and practiced, personally it’s the follow up I always fail on, I never get round to it, I’m very busy and I neglect many tasks. Networking is something to be applied to all ┬ábusiness models, so what have I learned? To hone my skills and always follow up.

I’ll see you next week and I’m off to buy my tree!


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