Music Success In Nine Weeks – Week Five

music success in nine weeksSo here we are at week 5 of Music Success In Nine Weeks, are we that far already? What seemed like a daunting challenge at first has turned out to be more of a breath of fresh air and guess what we’ve passed the halfway point, it’s not the tasks in the challenge that are daunting but to actually complete something and see it through to the end, that’s whats daunting. I bet many people drop of after the first couple of weeks. Now let’s get to week 5, blogging!

First things first Google reader, I’m one step ahead and have been using this for a good while now, i use Net News Wire on the iPhone to access the feeds quickly and easily. But why am I talking about what I already know? This is supposed to be about what I’ve learned not what I already know….so I joined up to My Blog Log and Google Friend Connect, i think Google already had all my details and profile on file, I tried to add the friend connect widget to this site but it just wouldn’t work no matter how many times I tried perhaps it’s cos this is a wordpress blog? Perhaps someone could enlighten me? I’m non the wiser. I’m at a loss as to why I needed to join My Blog Log but I’m sure all will be revealed in time as I’m all over this blogging world, even have a paid account at blog catalogue.

What was an eye opener with this weeks chapter is the different methods in which to get bloggers attention I particularly like the strategy of searching out bloggers who have reviewed artists I know or have gigged with, perhaps they’ll be interested in how I’ve developed as a solo artist since I broke away from band life. I’ve been right on this commenting and appreciating other peoples blogs lark, I’m fully understanding of the fact you have to gain someones trust before you go in all guns blazing ranting about how amazing you are, that kind of behaviour is actually verging on spam, A very irritating thing indeed. Developing relationships with other bloggers is something I’ve been trying to do for some time. I’m finally achieving thanks to Music Succes In Nine Weeks. Cheers Ariel.

I’ll see you on the other side…well actually I’ll see you next week.


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