Music Success In Nine Weeks Week Four
music success in nine weeks

music success in nine weeks

So guess what I’m up to week 4 in Music Success In Nine Weeks, this is the week I’ve been looking forward to, well actually I’m looking forward to the week on blogging but here we are in week 4, the week all about social media aka web 2.0. Some thing I’m pretty clued up on but hey I’m sure I can brush up my skills and learn more, who can’t? Even the best in the biz need to brush up their skills on some things don’t they?

Rather than going over stuff I already know and bore you to death, let me tell you what I found quite educational, I’m sure that’ll be a good place to start wouldn’t you? Now if you don’t have an iPhone or some kind of other smart phone, social media is gonna take you a lot longer, but conveniently I do have an iPhone and as for using Twitter, I used to use Tweetie but since Twitter introduced their own app I much prefer to use that as it’s much much faster and easier to use.

Facebook the place to be cos let’s face it that’s where everyone else is, right? Thank’s Ariel for some of those apps like selective tweet which is awesome. (By the way like me on Facebook go on you know you wanna 😉 ) I totally agree my bands an incredible app from Reverb Nation, better than the iLike app for real! Now Flickr is certainly something I under utilise, yes I upload photos there via Posterous(My favorite way to share stuff across the net), but much of the stuff on their such as groups and photo sets I hadn’t really begun to use, cheers Ariel, it was a real eye opener to see everything i can do with Flickr, I’m starting to use it a lot more. Theirs not really any excuse for me not to get on this when I have an iPhone is their?

Now, let me tell you this is the part of this week I’ve been looking forward to Podcasts! Since I first showed my face on Myspace, Twitter, YouTube etc a couple of years ago podcasts are definitely something I overlooked, well technically I didn’t over look them i just didn’t know where to start. But now I feel it’s time, I mean I get airplay on UK radio so why the hell am I not on internet radio and podcasts, it stands to reason if i get played on mainstream radio I should be on podcasts and the like, so I jumped on board and signed up to Music Alley. Will keep you posted when the plays start coming in or better yet subscribe to my blog feed and see me thank the podcasters for the plays.

Well that brings me to the end of week 4, cheers Ariel, the drinks are on me! See you next week.


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