Music Success In Nine Weeks – Week Nine

music success in nine weeksSo this is it, this is week nine of Music Success In Nine Weeks we’ve finally made it, before I start I’d like to thank Ariel Hyatt for the Music Success In Nine Weeks book and everything I’ve learned.

So creating a continuum program, been thinking about this from the start and here is the plan. After the fan has obvuously joined the mailing list and what not, they get to follow along my weekly goings on and get involved, all the while I’ll be keeping them updated with all the latest releases and news. But the ultimate down the line after music and merchandise will be a ┬ápaid subscription through premium cast where I will not only keep them updated far more often that via email but they will get exclusive offers such as free t shirts, free shows and exclusive affiliate offers.

Well at least that’s the plan, only time will tell what’s truly going down!

Merry Christmas and don’t forget that Santa Is Comin’


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