Music Success In Nine Weeks – Week One

When I first bought Music Success In Nine Weeks I did it with the intention of filling in the blanks as it were to my online presence and my music career. But due to commitments, I did not have the time to download and check it out. But it just so happened that a week before Ariel announced Wave 3 of Music Success In Nine Weeks blogging challenge I had finally downloaded the book from my email and added it to iBooks to read it on my iPhone, it couldn’t have happened at a better time.
So why am I taking part in the Music Success In Nine Weeks blogging challenge? Well first of all I wanted to fill in the blanks and secondly I need to develop my commitment to blogging on a regular basis, at the moment my blog is more of a news broadcast, only updated when my label and I have something newsworthy to report; THIS HAS TO CHANGE!

For those of you who see this blog and don’t know what the blogging challenge is, it’s a challenge to blog about your experience as you follow the book.

This brings us to:

Week One: Getting Mentally Prepared

I have never actually set out goals for myself in this manner, but as I’ve always been one to dive in and give it a go, I have listed my monthly goals, goals I should have achieved by Dec 24th, by March 24th and so on and so forth. As far as the 5 daily successes are concerned I use an app on my iPhone called Things which allows you to list and organize the things you have to do each day and once their done you just tick ’em off, giving you a great sense of achievement.

Monthly Goals

-I will blog at least every other week

-I will put out an AudioBoo everyweek

-I will take random photos and share them via my posterous network

-I will send out a twice monthly newsletter

-I will put out at least 1 episode of Mister Jack TV a month

By Dec 24th 2010

-My Christmas single is out and has had great reception on radio, TV & online

– I have successfully shared my build up to Christmas through YouTube, Audio Boo, pictures and blogs

-I have a special Christmas gift for my fans to be released to the mailing list

-I have written 3 new songs for my album

-I also have finished my Christmas shopping

By March 24th 2011

-Following on from the success of my Christmas single my label has released another record in February

-My mailing list has grown exponentially

-I have maintained all my monthly goals

-I am selling affiliate products to my mailing list

By Sep 2011

-My album is finished and ready for an imminent release

-My label has negotiated with an agent & arranged a tour to promote the album

-I have negotiated sponsorship deals with a handful of brands

Right, that’s it for week one. I’ll see you on week Two.

Mister Jack


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    1. Cheers for the comment Ethan, AudioBoo is a way of updating all your followers via voice message whereever you are innit.

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