Music Success In Nine Weeks – Week Seven

music success in nine weeksSo were up to week 7 of Music Success In Nine Weeks, lets get down to business shall we….one simple question, how to build your mailing list? Simple for some, not so simple for others, luckily it was fairly simple for me. A simple marketing premise, offer something of value in exchange for an email address and true enough I do just that you can grab a free email by joining the mailing list to the right, it’s written in black and white at the top of the site, well technically it’s orange and green but you know where I’m going, don’tcha?

I like the old Reverbnation list, simple to use and a great way to pull in extra traffic to Reverbnation, though I quite like aweber it’s not always the best option for an artist. I love the suggestion of list sharing with another artist, I may well put this into practice. A mobile list using Mozes is definitely something I’ll think about and put forward to my team for the new year but as for now & Christmas I got bigger fish to fry, or is that giblets and a turkey dinner?

So will I be building my mailing list manually? I sure will, already one step ahead of you this time Ariel.

Until next week, adios amigos.


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