Music Success In Nine Weeks – Week Six

music success in nine weeksWoah, it’s week 6 already were fast approaching the end of Music Success In nine Weeks, this weeks all about communicating with fans via the mailing list. now I must admit I do not send out emails to my fans enough and so this week I swiftly sent out an update to fans informing them where I’ve been following what I learned this week about writing a newsletter. Now let’s get into what I learned below.

So, Music Success In Nine Weeks has indeed been a huge learning curve, even though I had a lot of it covered…the stuff that was new to me has been hugely educational and the encouragement to write a new pitch was probably one of the most beneficial things I have learned this entire 9 weeks. Moving onto week six, the three G’s Greeting, Guts and Getting, wow this method has made writing newsletters a really simple laid back process, as simple as just writing a blog.

I plan what I want to put in the guts of the email first, after all I want my fans to know what’s going on with my music projects, I don’t mull over this  to long as this bit has to be short concise and to the point, no point in waffling on too much about a new single or video. The greeting, what I think is probably the most important part of the three G’s method, I realised this not only has to involve fans and relate to their lives but it has to pull them into the email and make them wanna read more, I plan to review films I’ve seen recently, TV Shows I’m watching, albums I’m listening to and more. Give them an opinion or a recommendation depending on how you wanna look at it.

The getting part of this, I had to be wise as I’ve neglected my list and at first I plan to just encourage them to give me their opinions on what I talk about  in the greetings area of the email to encourage their involvement so they can learn to trust me again, I ask for their opinions to be sent to me on Facebook or Twitter. But I will be offering a special gift to them all at Christmas, just to say Thanks really.

The ideas provided in week 6 of Music Success In Nine Weeks have bee incredible and have really got me thinking of all kinds of ideas to engage the mailing list, another vitally important lesson learned from Music Success In Nine Weeks, I wonder what I’ll learn next week?

Quick Update: I now know why I was to join My Blog Log, I at first thought it was quite rudimentary the layout, the artwork, definitely not one of Yahoo’s finest websites but it has a very active community almost like a forum, I’d have never have thought of joining My Blog Log so I’d like to once again say thanks Ariel for introducing me to My Blog Log. Since joining Music Alley I got a play from Radio Orphans Podcast, which was incredible I wasn’t expecting to get any plays but true enough they’ve started coming in.

Look forward to seeing you next week – Mister Jack


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