Music Success In Nine Weeks – Week Two

music success in nine weeksWeek two of music success in nine weeks is a relatively simple week but as simple as it is, it’s also an infinitely important week, it’s made me realize that not only that my current pitch  ain’t descriptive enough but it also leaves people wondering what the hell it is I actually do. So even though didn’t work for me and I couldn’t make me an account there, I didn’t let that sway  me.

Step One:

1. Power Pop, Punk, Ska, Reggae

2. The Clash, Jilted John, Madness, Mike Skinner, Tim Armstrong, Benny Hill and Jamie T

3. The Clash, Madness, Rancid, Cockney Rejects, Prince Buster, Greenday, Cock Sparrer, The Beatles, Sum 41

4. I wanna make people laugh and make ’em feel compelled to spend some money 😉

Step Two

Punk, reggae, ska, The Clash, Madness, Benny Hill

Step Three will not allow me to have an account no matter how many times I fill in the wizard I get an error and their support is non existant, so giving up on 15secondpitch I decided to work on this without the aid of a 3rd party.

Step Four

I finally decided on the following “Award winning recording artist that’s as catchy as The Clash and as funny as Benny Hill. He has been compared to Jilted John, Madness, The Clash, Tim Armstrong and The Streets”.

Step Five

Right, after following step five I wasn’t happy with my pitch, in particular the Benny Hill part of the pitch, I’m a little unsure if everyone’s going to know who he is particularly my younger audience, so it was back to the drawing board at this point. But after much deliberation I had it: “Mister Jack is an award winning recording artist, who brings us a fusion of pop, punk and ska with a hint of british humour. Mister Jack has been compared to Jilted John, Madness, The Clash, Tim Armstrong, The Streets & Jamie T.” With the bolded area being the main elevator pitch.

Step Six

So now it’s time to spread it across the web, I got profiles everywhere so it could take some time….I’ll see you next week.


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