The Mighty Bosstones – Pin Points and Gin Joints Review

The album launches with an infectious Ska beat that if played in club would pull everyone on their feet to Skank to the rhythm. The song called “Graffiti Worth Reading” sings “Repent! Obey! the end is near” in the chorus followed by hey hey ho paying homage to The Ramones.

The second track is by far one of the best tracks on the album opening with nah nah nah nah nah nah nah and so on another Skank-a-thon that is both addictive and catchy as hell. “The route that I took” is another Ska Punk song which guides you through with an organ that punctuates the guitar stabs and Dicky Barrett’s melodic vocals.

As soon as that track ends “You Left Right?” Launches with yet another Ska explosion with guitars and organs driving the track along “Are you regretful are ya? Are you remorseful, Are ya? Are you successful, are ya? Just trying to make it through” sets the tone for this song, another one of the better songs on the album.

Too many stars launches with a rocking guitar riff which leads into a Ska rhythm as Dicky sings us through the Ska punk melody.

“Your life”, by far one of my favorites on the album is a reggae vibe that glides through as Dicky relates a story until he reaches the chorus and sings “nothing can prepare you for this, you were way off your guard, like it or not it’s how you were caught, now try not to take it to hard” even though it has a negative vibe to it, it still leaves you with the message “you’ve still got the time”

Now I wrote it with a gold pencil is the next track, I love this track because of the awesome opening riff before the track explodes in punk rock singing “I wrote it in a notebook, that somebody let me borrow, don’t use all the paper please and bring it back to me tomorrow, it was a fair request and I was grateful for the loan, I had to write a thought down I came up with on my own” a punk rock song that you would expect from Ska punk legends such as the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

Two Ska Punk songs pass us by leading into probably one of the best tracks on the album called “Sister Mary” a Ska track that is just so catchy with a walk along bass line that just glides by while the guitar Skanks along singing “ hey sister Mary can you teach me the song?”

“It Will Be” another rocking Ska song that just has an awesome Ska bass line and super catchy punch line with “it will be, wait and see, it will be, wait and see, it’ll be electric“

“The Death Valley Vipers” creates a catchy yet moody vibe to the album, with a Mexican style brass section punctuating the track along with a piano that provides the melody as quickly as this track ends we are welcomed into a punk rock song that you would find at home on a Clash album.

The song entitled “The brick layers story” is a punk rock anthem for the working class man “A lifetime lifting cinderblocks, stacking bricks and mixing mortar grave this man his crooked walk and kept his life in order” is the punch line we can all relate to.

A pretty sad excuse is reggae groove that is so infectious from the outset you’ll wonder why The Mighty Mighty Bosstones don’t do more reggae music, they’re bloody good at it. Surprisingly this bursts into a punk rock breakdown that brings the album to a close.

All in all a Ska Punkalbum that should be up their with Sublime, Rancid and their earlier albums such as Devil’s Night Out. Bosstones music at it’s finest.


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