Ska Halloween: Ska Vampires and Pirates in Community Outrage

Righto, Brownie Baldwin here – official special blogging assitant and reporter to the Mister Jack band.

In case you didn’t know I’m taking care of the Mister Jack blog officially while all this recording and video is going on so it’s actually a really important job I’m doing here as part of the band.

So for me first assignment for writing for the mister jack blog the bloke from the record company is like I has to do like a halloween post about ska vampires what is sucking out like I dunno like I dunno they runnin round south east london chompin on geezers what is Rudeboys and that.


I says he must be having a laugh. I says that’s bloody nonsense, and he says to me something bout vampires being all trendy and what not all over the place so I swear I thought it was bloody rubbish when I heads down to the Gables and I says to me mate Bongos, what all this bout some geezers runnin round all like biting blokes,  like y’know vampires. Ska Vampires. Skampires.

And he says is that a new outfit on the scene, a new band like, and I says no mate, like, an actual bloody bitey sucky vampires.

And Bongos says to me it’s sure to be a load of cobblers, but he did hear about all this Vampires kerfuffle going on because all the kids are into this Twilight business, and who knows.


And I says, that’s terrible. It’s something bloody new everyday of the week, you can’t bloody turn around without some new drug scourge hitting the streets and next thing you know these poor kids, don’t know half what their doing their passing round this Twilight stuff and getting out of their brains and next thing you know they’re running round biting each others like a pack of depraved bloody lunatics.


It’s enough to make you cry.


So I rings the bloke up at the record company and I says you sure you want this Twilight stuff on the Mister Jack blog, young kids getting off on Twilight? It’s a nightmare alright not what you want to bloody hear about on a blog that’s supposed to be all proper Ska like.


So as you may or may not know Mister Jack is preparing a new video for a new track that they’ve just been laying down recently, so we should have some of that and the good man himself may deign to share with you lot his halloween escapades but I was saying you need to tell the kids to get off the Twilight and basically tell them that Skampires are a serious threat to our community.


I mean bloody hell I was terrified when I heard that get this: Actual pirates are running round pinching music. Can you bloody believe it? Where do you get around sailin about nickin peoples music? Bloody nora!


Skampires and Pirates a bloody nuisance and a disgrace to us hardworking musicians who ain’t goin round biting and plundering and all the like and I plan to be urging the whole band and the ska community to think this through very thoroughly indeed.



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